I write them, edit them, proofread them and make them SEO friendly. 

WRITING: Need an article, profile or other copy on deadline? No problem. 


EDITING: Know what you want to say, but having trouble getting the words just right? At your service. 

SEO: Want to translate your printed materials into online SEO powerhouses? Here to help. 


Greetings! My name is Ashley Hamershock. 

After about a decade of award-winning reporting for The Associated Press and newspapers (under my maiden name, Ashley H. Grant), I shifted to freelance writing. That, too, has served me well, earning me assignments with Bloomberg News, HONOLULU Magazine, Hawaii Business, The Associated Press, Stephens Media and others.

I have covered presidents, CEOs and celebrities from Dolly Parton to the Dalai Lama. Remember the ever-colorful, pro-wrestler-turned-governor Jesse Ventura? I was a card-carrying member of the press corps who covered his daily life for four years.

Breaking news. Dig-deep features. Precise editing.


More recently, I plunged into the blogging world, serving as managing editor and writing coach at Colorado Springs Moms Blog. I also work for the national City Mom Collective as one of two content creators. That means I craft content for national sales campaigns and other marketing initiatives.


I consider myself fantastically fortunate to have built a thriving career doing precisely what I love: writing and editing. (And an occasional TV appearance. Or two.) 


Experienced. Quick. Reliable.

In my free time, I have visited about 40 countries. Travel has given me a deeper context as a writer. 


I embrace new technology and old-fashioned great writing. Juggling multiple assignments and completing them on deadline is my specialty. Daily reporting habits die hard. 

Fifty years from now, I expect to still be writing and editing. And more importantly, I suspect I will enjoy it every bit as much as I do today.

"Ashley is an effective, efficient and compassionate communicator. She knows how to translate complex topics into work meaningful for the masses. Her inherent curiosity and deft writing touch mesh perfectly with the field of journalism." -Brian Bakst, Political Correspondent, Minnesota Public Radio News and former correspondent with The Associated Press
"Ashley goes above and beyond when it comes to editing. She spent countless hours with me on building, designing and editing my new website. She captured my passion for my work and created beautiful descriptions of my designs and business. I can not recommend her enough!" -Audrey Rogers, owner of Hurst Embroidery



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